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Sales Tel: 07931 206 859

Will my order be acknowledged?Room accessories

Yes. All orders will be acknowledged by e-mail within 24 hours.

How will I know how long the order will take?

You will be notified of an approximate date for delivery on receipt of order. However, work cannot commence until payment has been received. For payments by cheque, please allow 10 days for clearance.

How long do the products take to make?

Because our products are entirely hand-made and not mass-produced, each is carefully constructed to the client's individual order. Depending upon their size and complexity, cushions and pillows take from 2-3 weeks, while large throws and hangings will obviously take longer. Delivery times will be advised when you place your order.

How is the product shipped?

We usually deliver parcels within mainland UK by whatever method is the most cost effective. We can, however, mail your parcel by first class mail or by courier if you would prefer. Please contact us for a quote.

How long does it take for normal delivery?

This usually depends on the method chosen, however, we will e-mail you accurate details prior to shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We will quote for international shipping in £ sterling or US $ on request. In these cases delivery times will obviously vary.

What is your pricing policy based upon?

Price is dependent upon a number of factors. First comes the cost and quality of the materials. However, the major component is the cost of the highly skilled labour involved in making up an item. For example, the more numerous and small the patchwork pieces, the more lengthy and complex the construction of an item. Some materials, such as faux fur or heavily encrusted metallic brocade, are stiff and bulky. They are more difficult to work with than thinner, softer fabrics like silk, satin or cotton. It therefore follows that larger and more complex items with many pieces, or those involving difficult to handle materials, will be more expensive than smaller or simpler ones, because they require more labour and time to complete.Customised footstool

Do you offer a printed catalogue?

Every item on this site is specially created to be as unique as you, our customer. The designs and availability for each item are subject to change, thereby making it difficult to maintain a printed catalogue. If you are looking for a particular item or a variation on something you have seen on this site please e-mail. We can custom make a wide range of soft furnishing items and home décor accessories.

Why star-shaped cushions and pillows?

We provide an exciting alternative to the traditional forms of cushions and pillows. The "star" and "sun" shapes in which we specialise evolve naturally from one of the basic template forms used in traditional patchwork - the lozenge. When these are combined, "star" and "sun" shapes of various sizes are the result. What surprises us is that no one has so far thought to make cushions before in these interesting and attractive forms!

How are the cushions and pillows filled?

All Star-Shaped Cushion Co. pillows are stuffed with a premium down-like polyester fibre-fill. This material has been specially selected because it is wonderfully soft, holds its shape, is hypo-allergenic, mildew resistant and is overall a more user friendly choice than down. And the geese and ducks don't mind either.

Do you make cushions and pillows in other, more traditional shapes?

Certainly, we can make round, square and bolster types. We also make triangles, lozenges, hexagons and so on. If you would like something not illustrated in our online catalogue our custom made service can provide cushions and pillows in any size or shape that you can imagine.

What other products can you supply?

Throws, wall hangings, bedspreads, tablemats and runners. We will also consider items such as purses, mirror, photograph and picture frames, curtain tie-backs, lampshades and even covered waste bins as companion pieces to our usual range. In addition, we can create Venetian-style carnival masks to harmonise with your décor.

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